Hack Reactor Afterthought

Yesterday, I graduated from Hack Reactor and am now officially an alumni of the best coding school in the world.

It was a very intensive 12 weeks, and I probably would have struggled a lot if I hadn’t over-prepared myself by going through the entire curriculum once before the course begins. This preparation allowed me to focus on learning best practices, design patterns, and other high-level concepts, without having to worry about technical details. I would recommend anyone who is joining Hack Reactor to do the same.

The amount of technical expertise I got out of the past 12 weeks was unbelievable. I can now solve problems that I couldn’t even understand before. I become an expert in recursion, data structure, and full stack development. Most importantly, I am very confident in my learning ability now, and I feel like I can pick up any new technologies in a very short amount of time.

However, this is not the best thing I got out of Hack Reactor. Before Hack Reactor, I was an accountant working at a small firm in Larkspur. Although my work was consistently praised by my manager, I was not happy. I craved for opportunity to work on interesting ideas, and opportunity to solve challenging problems. I felt lost, depressed, insecure, that this could be it for my career, that being a professional was about tolerating these negative feelings.

Now I have a different view on career and life. I now know that it is possible to do something that I love, while being appreciated and respected. It is possible to go to work everyday with a smile on my face, as if I am just going to work out my brain. Much of it has to do with how Hack Reactor enables me to be in a growth mindset, as well as surrounding me with people who have the same mindset. For the past 12 weeks, I was laser-focused on learning, and almost nothing else in life matters. I neither care about how others judge me, nor how my work impress others. I do not know how much I can maintain the same focus going forward, but I know that this experience will shape my future career, because I know how much I can accomplish when I am focused.


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